Magic: The Gathering Ravnica: Clue Edition is Up For Preorder (and On Sale) at Amazon

If you enjoy Magic the Gathering and fun murder mystery board games like Clue, then you’ll enjoy Magic: The Gathering Ravnica: Clue Edition. This crossover with the classic board game is up for preorder right now – and even better, on sale – at Amazon. Its price has dropped 12%, from $70.00 to $61.78, so there’s no better time to pick it up for your board game collection at home. It’s set to release on February 23 this year, so you don’t have to wait too long to start up a game. Head to the link below to preorder.

Preorder & Save On Magic: The Gathering Ravnica: Clue Edition at Amazon

Magic: The Gathering Ravnica: Clue Edition

Out February 23, 2024

Magic: The Gathering Ravnica: Clue Edition

Includes 8 Ready-to-Play Boosters, 21 Evidence Cards, 1 Foil Shock Land, and Detective Game Accessories

12% off $70.00

We recently got to try out the game and were surprised at just how much fun it was. In our recent preview of Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Clue Edition, we explained that it, “mixes the pick-up-and-play simplicity of something like Magic’s introductory Jumpstart packs with the murderous deduction mechanics of Clue,”. We also came away thinking that, “this unexpected tie-in is a strange but surprisingly compelling mix of a multiplayer Magic match and a family board game night.”

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