Lupita Nyong’o and De Beers Partner to Support Women Around the World

Lupita Nyong’o is enjoying a blockbuster month as she returns to the big screen, and now she extends her star power beyond Hollywood in a buzzworthy new campaign-with-a-cause for De Beers. As the brand’s first Global Ambassador, Nyong’o will support De Beers’ Building Forever commitment, which works to create opportunities for women and girls in regions where its diamonds are discovered.

In “Where It Begins,” Nyong’o explores the symbolic journey of a diamond, from raw source to an extraordinary force of beauty and empowerment. Inspired by the diamonds’ transformation, Nyong’o undergoes her own metamorphosis, discovering the “magnetic woman with limitless potential” within herself. De Beers’ craftsmanship shines through, as Nyong’o regally dons jewelry from the Enchanted Lotus collection, including two stacked 18k white gold pendants worn with a bracelet and accompanying rings.

In accordance with their Building Forever project and this campaign, De Beers shared plans to continue its goals, which include involving 10,000 girls in STEM, supporting 10,000 women entrepreneurs, plus investing at least $10 million across southern Africa by 2030 to support these initiatives. In a statement announcing the ambassadorship, De Beers praised Nyong’o as the “ultimate representative” of their Building Forever framework. “With her rare magnetism and elegance, Lupita Nyong’o is a testament to the power of boundless possibilities,” says Marc Jacheet, CEO of De Beers Brands.

Nyong’o explains why the partnership is significant to her: “This campaign brings to life the transformative power that I feel when I wear De Beers’ diamond creations, and the pride in knowing where they come from and the good they do. Even more importantly, my partnership with De Beers allows me to extend my advocacy for women and girls around the world.”

This post was originally published on W Magazine

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