Letter: Future of human-machine collaboration looks bright

ChatGPT reminds me of another time almost 20 years ago when a team of amateur chess players and average computers defeated teams of chess grandmasters with superior computers — a result that showed amateurs had mastered the art of collaboration with computers. That is the future. Kara McWilliams, head of the ETS Product Innovation Labs quoted in “AI chatbot’s MBA exam pass prompts rethink for educators” (Report, January 23) is right. People who use AI are going to outperform people who don’t.

Most people already “team” with computers on a daily basis — think search engines and online research platforms. ChatGPT introduced the potential of integrating AI into the mix. Microsoft’s $10bn investment into OpenAI bodes well for the future — and for human-machine collaboration.

Pikria Saliashvili
Washington, DC, US

This post was originally published on Financial Times

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