Lectric XPeak e-bike review: setting a new standard for adventure bikes

Lectric XPeak right rear three-quarter view parked on forest path
Lectric XPeak
MSRP $1,400.00

“Lectric eBikes disrupts e-mobility pricing with the excellent XPeak on-road and off-road adventure e-bike.”

  • Remarkable value with quality components
  • Confidence-inspiring front fork
  • ISO eMTB safety tested
  • Battery certified to UL 2849 standard
  • Ample torque and speed
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Extensive accessory list

Lectric XPeak front view parked on a forest path.
Bruce Brown / Digital Trends

Lectric eBikes continues to disrupt e-mobility industry pricing with the excellent Lectric XPeak, an on-road and off-road fat-tire adventure e-bike. Tough, capable, comfortable, and head-shakingly inexpensive, the XPeak promises tons of fun for riders and groans from its competitors. As with Lectric’s XP 3.0 folding e-bike, the XPeak’s level of quality at a low cost will likely prompt competitors to slash prices.

Lectric XPeak: strength and safety

Lectric XPeak left rear three-quarter view parked on forest path.
Bruce Brown / Digital Trends

Solid and confidence-inspiring, the XPeak goes far beyond the norm for all-terrain e-bikes that cost two to three times as much. Fat-tire e-bikes are popular worldwide for their versatility, but tires alone aren’t enough to safely tackle rocky trails and ever-changing ground surfaces. Lectric sought industry-standard safety certifications and equipped the XPeak with components that withstand the challenges of off-road riding.

For its first all-terrain e-bike, Lectric invested in the effort and expense of ISO 4210-10 eMTB safety testing for the frame, fork, stem, and handlebars. The e-bike’s lithium-ion battery and the entire electrical system are certified to the UL 2849 standard for safety.

The XPeak’s extraordinary RST Renegade front suspension fork smooths bumps, lumps, and jumps, and its hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors have ample stopping power.

Lectric XPeak: power and charging

Lectric XPeak right side viewof rear wheel with hub motor and gears.
Bruce Brown / Digital Trends

The XPeak employs Lectric’s proprietary Stealth M24 rear hub motor, producing 750 watts of continuous power, 1,310 watts of peak power, and up to 85 Newton meters of torque. You need power and torque to charge up rocky, uneven surfaces, and in initial testing in the Arizona desert, I discovered the XPeak had all the power I needed for handling relatively steep trails. This motor is unusually quiet

The XPeak has a 48-volt, 14Ah lithium-ion battery semi-integrated into the frame down tube hub and a 24 amp controller. The configurable Class 1, 2, or 3 e-bike has a maximum speed of 28 mph. You can access five levels of electric power with pedal assistance or via a thumb-controlled push throttle on the right side of the handlebar.

You can charge the XPeak’s battery on or off the bike. Charging the battery from empty to 100% with the included 2-amp output charger should take about seven hours.

I soon realized the XPeak would do the work, and I just had to point it and hang on. My face began to ache because I was grinning so hard.

Lectric rates the XPeak’s range from 20 miles to 55 miles with pedal-assisted power depending on the pedal assist system (PAS) level or 12 miles to 45 miles using the push throttle. As always, your range will depend on rider and cargo weight, speed, incline, air and ground temperature, wind, and other factors.

The XPeak has a pedaling cadence sensor that works with Lectric’s proprietary Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation (PWR). The experience differs from cadence sensors that apply full power when a rider barely moves a pedal. With PWR, the electrical power assistance is limited to various amperage levels based on the pedal assistance mode plus pedaling speed. This system results in power assistance that applies gradually and smoothly, which is especially important for newer riders.

Lectric XPeak rider: comfort and convenience

Lectric XPeak right front three-quarter view parked on a forest path.
Bruce Brown / Digital Trends

The XPeak is available in two frame styles. The step-over frame style, which I tested for this review, is designed for riders from 5 feet, 7 inches to 6 feet, 5 inches in height. The step-through frame is best for riders from 5 feet, 2 inches to 6 feet, 3 inches in height. I stand 5 feet, 8 inches, and found the step-over frame fine, although when I rode the step-through at the XPeak’s launch event, it was easier to mount. You can adjust the seat height and angle for comfort.

Lectric’s other e-bikes have 20-inch tires, but for its adventure touring bike, the company chose 26-inch diameter, 4-inch wide fat tires, the most common size with all-terrain e-bikes. The tires are puncture-resistant and have a moderately knobby tread. Lectric installs Slime sealant in the tires to prevent flats.

Fat tires help maintain balance on varied and loose surfaces. The extra sidewall adds a bit of flex to help smooth the ride. You can inflate the tires below the maximum level for an extra cushy ride, although you’ll have better handling if you ride at faster speeds with more fully inflated tires.

The XPeak’s hand grips are relatively soft and have an ergonomic shape. I prefer to have mirrors on e-bikes ridden primarily on streets, but with aggressive off-road riding, mirrors can get in the way and might not last long. Most of the XPeak’s cables are routed through the frame’s down tube, so they won’t get caught easily when riding through brush or on trails.

I found joy when I rode the bike over potholes on private roads and charged over the speed bumps that infest our neighborhood streets.

Assembling the XPeak is simple and fast. If you order fenders for the bike, the rear fender is mounted, but you’ll need to mount the front fender yourself. Otherwise, all that’s required is to snap on the included quick-release pedals and install the front wheel. The front wheel has a sturdy, tool-free thru-axle for fast installation. The thru-axle and quick-release pedals are especially convenient if you transport the XPeak to off-road areas.

Lectric XPeak: riding impressions

Lectric XPeak left front three-quarter view parked on a forest path.
Bruce Brown / Digital Trends

I attended a prelaunch introduction for the XPeak at Lectric’s Phoenix headquarters and rode a step-thru XPeak in a massive desert park with about 30 other e-bike journalists. I don’t have experience with mountain bikes, and most of my e-bike riding is on streets, private roads, or relatively smooth forest paths.

When the group set out on a rocky desert trail with surprisingly frequent steep inclines and descents, I started carefully, lacking confidence in my skills for that type of riding. Within just a few minutes, however, I realized the XPeak would do the work, and I just had to point it and hang on — at least, that’s how it felt. My face began to ache because I was grinning so hard.

The RST front fork was amazing, and I soon found myself charging along the trail, riding over rocks, and jumping gullies. I started using the thumb throttle to call on the hub motor’s reserves of torque to climb the quick hills that followed every descent. I usually think of the desert as open and flat, but there wasn’t much flat ground where we rode. The XPeak gave me the confidence to enjoy a new world of e-bike adventure.

Back home in Connecticut, I tested an XPeak with a step-over frame for several weeks. Connecticut has no rocky desert trails, but I found joy when I rode the bike over potholes on private roads and charged over the speed bumps that infest our neighborhood streets. When driving across town, keeping the speed up from 25 mph to 27 mph was easy.

The XPeak is a steady, competent, and comfortable e-bike for daily riding, but I confess the greatest fun is taking it off-road.

Lectric XPeak: accessories to make it your own

Lectric XPeak with optional comfort package includes a suspension seat post and a thicker, cushier seat.
Bruce Brown / Digital Trends

Lectric has a huge selection of aftermarket options and accessories for the XPeak. There are a variety of racks, baskets, bags, seating options, locks, lights, and much more, including extra batteries. Many accessories, such as the Comfort package shown above, which includes a thicker, plusher seat and a suspension seat post, also fit most other Lectric models. Certain items, such as the winter riding package (below), with handlebar gauntlets and studded tires, are available specifically for the XPeak.

Lectric CEO and Co-Founder Levi Conlow with XPeak equipped with snow accessories including spiked tires.
Bruce Brown / Digital Trends

Our take

Lectric XPeak right rear three-quarter view parked on forest path
Bruce Brown / Digital Trends

If you’re looking for a sturdy, capable, go-anywhere e-bike that won’t break or even stretch your budget, I recommend the Lectric XPeak. I’ve never before given a full five-star rating to an e-bike, but I have zero reservations about the XPeak. With the XPeak’s $1,399 price, Lectric could single-handedly force its competitors to lower all-terrain e-bike price levels for all makers, but there’s no reason to look elsewhere or spend more unless you have very specific needs for competitive e-mountain biking. The XPeak should work well for most people.

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