Learn how challenging the Monaco Grand Prix is by riding with Max Verstappen on a virtual lap

The Monaco Grand Prix is considered by many to be the toughest challenge of the Formula 1 season. Due to the various tight turns, the narrow street circuit, and the elevation changes on the track, the Monte Carlo streets test the skills — and nerves — of every single driver.

The best way to get a feel for the Monaco Grand Prix, short of climbing into the cockpit of a 1000-horsepower F1 car? Ride along with Max Verstappen on a virtual lap through the Monte Carlo streets. Red Bull shares a virtual lap around the circuit ahead of every race, and the edition in advance of this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix provides a great look at how tough the circuit is.

In addition, the commentary from Sebastian Job, a driver for Red Bull’s esports team, illustrates just how tricky it is for the drivers to find the ideal line through the circuit:

[embedded content]

At around the 0:37-second mark, you will see Verstappen enter the Grand Hotel Hairpin, which is the slowest section on the entire F1 calendar. Notice how Verstappen takes that corner in first gear, and absolutely pins the steering wheel to the left as he navigates the tight left-hand turn.

The next notable section comes around the 0:57-second mark, as drivers come out of the tunnel section and entire a quick chicane coming out of the downhill. As Job notes, it is very easy for drivers to lock up their wheels as they enter the quick turns.

Then around the 1:20 mark you will see Verstappen navigate the final two turns of the course, coming out of the right-hander at Turn 19 in second gear. That leads into the single DRS zone in Monaco, and it will be fascinating to watch this week how quickly cars can accelerate out of Turn 19 to take advantage of the DRS zone. That transition could prove pivotal this weekend.

Also worth noting? How much braking Verstappen does as he works through the circuit.

As well as how infrequently he blinks.

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