James Kennedy and “Worm” Tom Sandoval Physically Separated During “Vanderpump” Reunion

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The first part of the “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 reunion just delivered chaos — and questions — for fans of the Bravo franchise and the former SURvers. The intense confrontation between exes Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix also led to a near-altercation between some of the other cast members during the reunion, which aired on May 24.

In early March, Madix learned that Sandoval had been having a months-long affair with fellow castmate Raquel Leviss. “Vanderpump Rules” cameras began rolling again at the time to capture more footage, and the whole cast came together on March 23 to film the reunion, during which Madix, Sandoval, and Leviss hashed out the situation with the full cast, including Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump.

Just minutes into the first episode, Sandoval was lashed out at by nearly everyone else on the reunion stage when he began to cry after being questioned by host Andy Cohen. “You’re not at the Academy Awards,” James Kennedy yelled at Sandoval, while Madix chimed in, “The sad sack act is f*cking bulls*t.”

Things quickly escalated between Kennedy and Sandoval as the two argued over the seriousness of their friendship in the wake of the latter’s affair with Leviss, Kennedy’s former fiancée. As threats were thrown around, both got out of their seats and had to be physically separated. Cohen then spoke specifically to Kennedy, pushing him to “stay in the chair.” Kennedy quickly excused himself for a bathroom break, but yelled insults at Sandoval on his way out — including, “You’re a worm with a mustache.”

Ahead of the reunion’s premiere, former “Pump Rules” cast member Jax Taylor had teased the fight to “Extra” on March 27, saying, “There was security there. There was almost brawls.”

During Wednesday’s episode, castmember Scheana Shay was present, while Leviss was not as she had obtained a temporary restraining order against Shay early in March. Leviss accused Shay of hitting her upon learning of the affair. It kept Shay and Leviss from filming together during the reunion, but on March 29, Leviss and her lawyer did not appear in court for the hearing about the order, and it was dismissed. Part one showed Leviss listening from a trailer outside the studio in as her castmates filmed.

Also during the episode, Sandoval and friend Tom Schwartz offered differing timelines for when the latter learned about Sandoval and Leviss’s affair. Schwartz claimed Sandoval told him he’d had a one-night stand with Leviss in early August, while in a separate, one-on-one interview with Cohen that aired Wednesday, Sandoval claimed his business partner didn’t know about the relationship until January of this year.

Other major revelations? Madix always knew about “Miami girl,” a woman who alleged she had slept with Sandoval way back in season three of “Vanderpump Rules.” During that season, Sandoval vehemently denied the affair and then-girlfriend Madix supported him. On Wednesday night, Madix explained of sticking by Sandoval at the time, “We were not really exclusive at that time and I saw the rest of my life in that person and I wanted everyone to see the best of him.”

Bravo initially released the trailer for the reunion on May 11, and in it, Sandoval and Leviss try to defend their actions against an onslaught from Madix and the rest of the cast. “I can’t think of two worse people, I can’t,” Madix says, wiping away tears. Sandoval and Leviss also talk together in their trailer about how everyone is “trying” to portray them as “pathological liars.” These moments appear to be included in either part two or three of the reunion.

On the April 3 episode of his “Radio Andy” radio show, Cohen had previewed that the reunion would be “a real reckoning.” Sandoval and Leviss, he said, are “confronted to their face about what they’ve done in, I would say, an aggressive manner.” Some of the show’s cast members have also spoken out about what happened at the reunion. On the March 31 episodes of her podcast, “Scheananigans,” Shay and her castmate Lala Kent opened up about what went down.

“I thought Ariana handled herself so well. Like, she sat back and looked insanely hot and amazing and just f*cking sliced with her words. So good. It was beautiful to watch,” Kent said.

Shay added, “So good. I really enjoyed watching that. It was just, there was no response, like, there was nothing Raquel could have said back to her because she just assassinated her every time.” Shay also said Leviss did not shed “a single tear” and Shay felt she had “no remorse.”

Since filming ended, Madix attended May’s White House Correspondents’ dinner and has been romantically linked to trainer Danny Wai. Sandoval and Leviss both have not defined their current relationship to each other.

“Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 Reunion Behind-the-Scenes Video

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“Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 Reunion Trailer

“Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 Reunion Air Date

The second part of the three-part reunion will air May 31, and the final installment on June 7. Bravo also revealed that the day after each episode airs on the cable channel, an extended version of each episode, called “Vanderpump Rules: Pumped Up Edition,” will stream on Peacock. They will be “uncensored and extended” and feature never-before-scene footage.

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