Israeli Forces Drive Through West Bank With Injured Palestinian Strapped to Jeep


The Israeli military is investigating some its own soldiers after footage showed that an injured Palestinian man had been strapped to the front of a military jeep as it moved through the West Bank on Saturday.

The man, Mujahed Azmi, was later treated by a medic. In a statement, the Israeli military said the “conduct of the forces in the video of the incident does not conform to [its] values” and that it will investigate and address the matter.

According to Reuters, Azmi’s family said Israeli forces injured him during an arrest raid, “and when the family asked for an ambulance, the army took Mujahed, strapped him on the hood and drove off.”

The Israeli military said in a statement that it had exchanged fire during a mission and that a suspect, presumably Azmi, was wounded.

Roughly 50 miles away from the West Bank, the war in Gaza remains bloody. On Saturday, Israel conducted airstrikes in Gaza City that left more than three dozen people dead, according to local officials.

The Washington Post reported that the strikes caused “significant damage and a massive crater… in the densely built Shati refugee camp in western Gaza City.”

Israel said it was targeting a pair of “Hamas military infrastructure sites.” It was not immediately clear how many of the casualties were civilians.

The airstrikes followed an incident on Friday in which “‘heavy-calibre projectiles’ landed near an office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Mawasi area of Rafah,” the Post noted, adding that at least 22 people died as a result.

The ICRC condemned the operation in a statement on X. “Firing so dangerously close to humanitarian structures puts the lives of civilians and Red Cross staff at risk,” it wrote. “This grave security incident is one of several in recent days; previously stray bullets have reached ICRC structures. We decry these incidents that put the lives of humanitarians and civilians at risk.”

Israel said it had not directly attacked a Red Cross facility, though the military said it would investigate the claims.

This post was originally published on Daily Beast

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