Is Jimmy Garoppolo’s Super Bowl pick laced with sour grapes or is he just keeping it real?

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Jimmy Garoppolo was an integral part of the San Francisco 49ers’ last run to the Super Bowl where they lost to the same Kansas City Chiefs team. Despite all the hate he receives now (and then, too), there was a time when Jimmy G did nothing but win games for the Niners. Regardless of this, following the Super Bowl LIV loss it became painfully clear that Garoppolo wasn’t the guy. So, when asked for his pick in Super Bowl LVIII, Garoppolo gave an answer that won’t win him any fans in the place he once called home.

Garoppolo picking the Chiefs to win, 35-31 isn’t an admission of sour grapes but to the #bangbangninergang, that’s exactly how they’ll receive his pick. Niners Nation caught up with Jimmy G during Super Bowl week festivities and it sounded like he wouldn’t mind still playing for San Francisco.

Regardless of that, all 49ers fans care about is winning Super Bowl No. 6 for the franchise. So, the same way he said “It’s still F Green Bay” in that interview, fans in the Bay Area will throw that right back at Garoppolo for not picking his former mates. And that’s probably hard to say for much of the fan base because some of them loved Jimmy G.

If Garoppolo hits that pass to Emmanuel Sanders four years ago, life is so much different today. That doesn’t mean he’d still be in San Francisco in 2024, but the end of that relationship is possibly much smoother. The biggest thing that ended Garoppolo’s tenure with the Niners was injuries. If not for his ACL tear last season we may not know who Brock Purdy is or what he’s capable of on the field.

Ultimately a lack of availability played a big part in Jimmy G’s demise with San Francisco. No, he wasn’t the best QB in the NFL and probably not even top 10 at his best. But with that roster in SF, he won games. He was 26-14 in the regular season as the 49ers starting quarterback. In the postseason Garoppolo has a 4-2 record. His numbers weren’t earth-shattering, but the team won. Except for when it mattered most and that was in the biggest game of the year.

One thing that’s been talked about with Kyle Shanahan is his patience or lack thereof. At the QB position, especially on this team that is built and ready to win, you only have so long to lose his trust. If there’s a guy behind the starter that Shanahan has faith in, you’ll only get so many Jimmy G moments. Shanahan didn’t have that trust in Trey Lance, Garoppolo threw it away, but in Purdy, it seems Shanahan’s finally found what he wants. 

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