Welcome back to our Saturday edition! Kylie Kelce and her husband, y’know, the former Philadelphia Eagles power player Jason Kelce, are outnumbered at home. The couple has three girls and are adamant about not letting fame affect their family.

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But first: This, not that, vacation edition.

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This week’s dispatch

people walking down a street in old montreal

Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Ronnie Chua/Shutterstock

A hideaway summer

It’s no secret overtourism has become a problem. Hot destinations like Venice have implemented fees to visit, while a photo-worthy spot near Mount Fuji erected a barrier to keep tourists from flocking to the area.


If the idea of being shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow tourists gives you summer-vacation dread, don’t worry — there’s a solution.

There are many hidden-gem destinations perfect for solo travelers looking for peace and quiet, or family-friendly spots that will make everyone feel at home.

If you’re looking for an under-the-radar Greecian vacation, why not book a stay in Halkidiki, known for its soft beaches, or Thessaloniki, packed with history?

Have your heart set on a vacation with a European feel? Skip the crowds in Paris and get your French fix in Montreal, Canada.


And if you’d rather stay closer to home, Idaho is a state that often gets overlooked but provides some of the best views, while my home state of Maryland is so much more than crab cakes and football.

Caitlyn Clark with a rorschach test in the background

Noah K. Murray/AP, Michael Conroy/AP, Jose A. Bernat Bacete/Getty, Tyler Le/BI

Caitlin Clark is a Rorschach test

Clark, a 22-year-old Iowa graduate and women’s basketball sensation, has inadvertently become the center of an American culture war.

Clark doesn’t talk politics, instead saying she’s focused on basketball. But it’s getting harder to focus on the game. Some sports commentators are deriding Black players, saying they’re bullying Clark. Another compared Clark to Eminem, saying she doesn’t get enough credit because she’s white.

What it all tells us about the sports-media ecosystem.

Photo illustration of a parent with children acting out.

Darren Robb/Getty Images; Jenny Chang-Rodriguez/BI

No more gentle parenting

This millennial mom always wanted to be the “cool” parent — and gentle parenting seemed to be the way to do it. The method frowns upon punitive tactics, seemingly aligning with what she wanted from motherhood: peacefulness.


But by the time her son approached preschool, it became clear it wasn’t working. He was defiant to everyday tasks and struggled to recognize authority. So she gave up gentle parenting.

What she does instead.

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healthy veggie donut

Getty Images; Chelsea Jia Feng/BI

Making ultra-processed foods healthy (ish)

Five years ago, nutrition scientist Kevin Hall changed how we view ultra-processed foods. He discovered an ultra-processed diet led to people consuming about an extra 500 calories per day.

His findings kicked off a wave of “clean” eating trends, but Hall wasn’t convinced that shunning these convenience foods was the real solution. Now, he’s on a mission to develop new recipes for ultra-processed meals in the hopes they’ll be healthier.

Inside his latest study.

3d illustration of a laptop with pool items on top.

akinbostanci/Getty Images; Jenny Chang-Rodriguez/BI

Work from vacation

There’s a new work trend in town that has people working while being out of town. Meet “quiet vacationing” — where people are working while secretly being on full-blown holidays.


It may sound better to answer emails on the beach than at the office. But the idea that people are under so much pressure at work that they can’t even tell their boss they’re on vacation is a startling reminder of America’s broken work culture.

Why “quiet vacationing” is a bad idea.

The best things to watch this weekend.

Orphan Black/BBC America, Abanti Chowdhury/BI

What we’re watching this weekend

  • “Tell Them You Love Me”: Netflix’s new documentary tells the controversial true story of a married white professor and the nonverbal Black student she says she developed a relationship with.
  • “Orphan Black: Echoes”: The long-awaited spinoff to “Orphan Black” finally premieres this weekend.
  • “Taylor Swift vs Scooter Braun: Bad Blood”: The new Max docuseries will look at the public dispute between Swift and Braun.

See the full list.

A red shopping bag surrounded by $100 bills.

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