Inside Adam Levine’s Journey to Devoted Family Man

Levine went on to date model Angela Bellotte in 2009 before meeting Vyalitsyna, whom he would eventually go on to date for two years.

“He thought I was a stuck-up bitch and I kind of thought he was a d-bag musician” when they first met, Vyalitsyna told Stern when she sat in on the interview with Levine in 2012.

Some of that may have been Levine protecting himself. It’s not as if he’s never been rejected.

“I was su­per-hung-up on this girl, and I just could not get her to pay attention to me,” he told Rolling Stone in 2007, recalling the inspiration for “Won’t Go Home Without You.” “I was in the driveway, having just gotten home from some rejection, and I said, ‘I’ve got to write a song that’s going to make this girl like me.”

That being said, he added, “She doesn’t know it’s about her. I ended up dating her best friend for a year and a half.”

This post was originally published on E! Online

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