I tried Ina Garten and Dolly Parton’s easy corn bread recipes, and the best one should be on everyone’s holiday menu

I began by making the bacon drippings.

Making bacon drippings for Dolly Parton's cornbread


I cut my bacon into pieces and cooked them over medium-low heat to make the drippings.

Anneta Konstantinides/Insider

Since I’d never made bacon drippings before, I read this CookingLight article for tips before I got started. Then I cut my bacon into small pieces and spread them out on my 9-inch skillet, allowing everything to render evenly. 

I cooked my bacon over medium-low heat until the pieces turned crispy. Once I could see plenty of drippings at the bottom of the skillet, I removed the pieces and set them aside to eat with my corn bread once it was ready. 

Parton said the skillet should be covered with extra bacon drippings, so I didn’t wipe it clean after I finished cooking. 

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