I took the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand, and nearly half a year later, I can’t stop thinking about 7 things that impressed me

I can still remember the feeling when the Boeing Dreamliner landed in Auckland, New Zealand, last summer. It marked the start of a nine-day trip across the country. Nearly seven months later, I’m still dreaming about a return.

A view of the Auckland skyline.

Monica Humphries/Insider

In June of 2022, I visited New Zealand. For the entirety of my 13-hour flight to Auckland from Los Angeles, I was excited to get off the plane.

And it wasn’t because long-haul flights are often exhausting, cramped, and uncomfortable. If anything, my experience was the opposite. I was on my first business-class flight, and the ride was a complete luxury.

I was eager to get off because for the next nine days, I had plans to explore the country’s dramatic landscapes, dine on delicious cuisine, chat with locals, and learn about new cultures. 

My itinerary kicked off in June with a few days in Auckland, where I gained a first glimpse of Air New Zealand’s redesigned plane cabins.

From Auckland, I headed to Waiheke Island to taste wine and explore abandoned WWII complexes.

Then, it was off to the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown.

Practically every day I pinched myself in disbelief at where I sleeping, who I was meeting, and where I was exploring.

It’s now been seven months, and I’m still pinching myself. Take a look at why I haven’t forgotten the trip, and why I’m even more eager to adventure back to New Zealand.

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