How to get a smelter in Valheim

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how to get a smelter in Valheim. It’s all very well defeating the first of the Vaheim bosses (opens in new tab), making yourself a pickaxe (opens in new tab), and mining yourself some copper (opens in new tab), but how are you supposed to make weapons and tools out of it? That’s where the smelter comes in.

In order to build a smelter, you’re going to need to venture into underground burial chambers in search of Surtling Cores. As you’d expect, these dungeons are teeming with skeletons, so you’ll need to ensure you’re prepared before setting out. With that in mind, here’s how to get a smelter in Valheim so you can start refining your ore. 

Valheim Smelter: Where to find Surtling Cores 

Surtling Cores are the material you’re likely to be missing if you want to build a smelter. Early in the game, these are found inside burial chambers located in the Black Forest, though the number you get from each dungeon will vary. 

There are two types of underground dungeon in the Black Forest, so be careful not to wander into a Troll Cave, not unless you feel confident taking on a troll in a confined space. These generally have much larger entrances than burial chambers, so they should be easy to avoid.

Burial chambers generally have the same basic layout, though the details will vary from dungeon to dungeon. You’ll start in a large entrance room with three doors heading to three different “wings”. These chambers are populated with skeletons, so a blunt weapon like a club is a good idea. They’re also dark, so bring a torch.

How to craft a smelter 

How to get a smelter in Valheim

How to craft a smelter. (Image credit: Iron Gate)

Once you have picked up your first Surtling Core, the smelter should appear in your crafting menu, under the Crafting tab. Here’s what you’ll need to make a smelter: 

  • Stone x20
  • Surtling Core x5
  • Workbench

Once you’ve placed the smelter, you can add coal to fuel it into the righthand side, while the lefthand side is where you add your ore. The smelter will spit out the resulting metal bars, and you only need to walk near them to pick them up.

If you have Surtling Cores to spare, making a charcoal kiln is worthwhile, too, so you’ll have a good supply of coal to fuel the smelter.

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