How Taylor Swift Can Make It to the Super Bowl to Support Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift could be flying in a dream, seeing stars by the pocketful to make it to Super Bowl LVIII

Indeed, despite performing halfway across the world the night before the big game, the Grammy winner might be able to make it to Las Vegas by Feb. 11 to watch boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs try to secure this year’s win. It’s a simple matter of geography, in fact. 

On the night of Feb. 10, after Taylor’s Tokyo concert wrapped, the singer rushed to a private jet at Haneda airport, the Associated Press reported.

Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas, and fans had already speculated that the “Snow on the Beach” singer would still be able to make it to the Big Game on time whether she took the 12-hour flight that evening or slept in Japan for the night and flew out the morning of the 11th.

This post was originally published on E! Online

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