Here’s 44 seconds of the Moto Razr Ultra because an entire ad has leaked


Evan Blass has done it again with another giant leak.

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The Moto Razr Ultra foldable still isn’t official — but thanks to reliable gadget leaker Evan Blass, who’s been on top of this phone for months, we now have what appears to be an official 44-second commercial for the phone.

This is what you came for:

It’s well past my bedtime, so I won’t revisit all the other leaks — mostly, suffice it to say that Blass (whose Twitter account remains private) has been instrumental in revealing almost every aspect of this phone.

He gave us a bevy of leaked images, bite-size marketing videos, codenames for two alleged foldables (Juno and Venus), and a prospective launch date of June 1st, 2023 — meaning the phone will likely appear just before Google’s Pixel Fold ships to customers and more than a month ahead of the rumored arrival of Samsung’s next Z Fold and Z Flip.

We don’t know price or most specs — except that a Motorola executive revealed the outer screen will measure 3.5 inches. Blass previously tweeted that one of these phones will be branded as the Razr 40 Ultra globally, but called the Razr+ in the US. There will not be a “Razr Lite,” but rather a “Razr 40,” Blass says.

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