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Apologies for delayed Further Reading today. Just been reading the FT’s big read on the implosion of Vice. That it was once valued at nearly $6bn remains one of the wonders of the modern world, our Library of Alexandria, Colossus or Great Wall.

Elsewhere on Thursday . . .

Tokyo’s trash-collecting samurai takes a fun, zany approach to cleanup (The World)

Measuring the financial stability real interest rate, R** (NY Fed)

Dinosaurs on long-termism (Dinosaur Comics)

Company earnings guidance is wrong about 70 per cent of the time (Bloomberg)

How your brain tells the difference between real and imagined (Quanta)

Only 11 people file most challenges against schoolbooks in the US (Washington Post)

Quackonomics (The American Prospect)

To understand big corporations, understand how they got that way (HBR)

Back to square one on the Russia sanctions? (The Overshoot)

Brexit: Infinity War (The Critic)

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