Fortnite’s next concert features The Kid Laroi


The ‘immersive, interactive musical experience’ will kick off in-game on January 27th.

Another big musical act is descending upon Fortnite. Today, Epic announced that the game’s next virtual music experience will feature The Kid Laroi, and it’s kicking off very soon: the “immersive, interactive musical experience” will begin on January 27th at 6PM ET.

It will be a little different from the events featuring the likes of Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, however, which took over the Fortnite battle royale island for a massive spectacle. Instead, the Kid Laroi event will take place on a dedicated Creative island purpose-built for the experience. Epic says the event will explore the singer’s “journey from humble beginnings to headlining sold-out performances as a worldwide superstar.”

It sounds like something of a cross between the big takeover concerts and the smaller-scale Soundwave Series. The virtual event will include the debut of a new song — called “Love Again” — and fans can also purchase a Laroi character skin and other in-game items.

A screenshot of The Kid Laroi in Fortnite.

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The Kid Laroi music event will be available in Fortnite from January 27th through to April 27th.

This post was originally published on The Verge

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