Disney just released its ‘The Little Mermaid’ remake. Here’s what critics are saying about it.

Three new songs are mostly mediocre.


Prince Eric in “The Little Mermaid.”

Giles Keyte/Disney Enterprises

“Nor can a Black Ariel make up for subpar renditions of classic songs (the vibrant Oscar-winner “Under the Sea” is dead in the water here) and the cringe-y addition of new songs by the studio’s current go-to music man Lin-Manuel Miranda, which include a dull, forgettable ballad for Prince Eric and a ridiculous “rap” for Scuttle and Sebastian called – wait for it – “The Scuttlebutt.” — Aisha Harris, NPR

“None of Miranda’s contributions hold a candle to those written by the late, great Howard Ashman. The musical number that fleshes out Prince Eric may be welcome but it’s not a memorable addition to the soundtrack, and the less said about Scuttle’s rap ‘The Scuttlebutt,’ the better.” — Leigh Monson, AV Club

“It’s hard to make hits when you’re trying to make hits and Lin Manuel Miranda’s new songs are flat, boring and uninspired, despite being co-written with the original composer Alan Menken.​​” — Lex Briscuso, The Wrap

“Then comes a new Miranda-penned rap song called “Scuttlebutt.” See, it’s meant to be funny, because it’s gossipy Scuttle gossiping while repeating her name and the word ‘butt’ a lot, which is sure to be an illicit thrill for kids who consider that a bad word. For grown-ups, however, this song is so dissonantly juvenile and tedious that not even Diggs and Awkwafina furiously duetting its speedy delivery can help.” — Kristy Puchko, Mashable

“Hauer-King sings a new time-waster easy-listening ballad from Alan Menken and Miranda called “Wild Uncharted Waters”… And the bland music doesn’t stop there. Awkwafina as Scuttle the seagull and Daveed Diggs (“Hamilton”) as Sebastian, the crab, squawk an annoying and out-of-place rap called “The Scuttlebutt” that should’ve been scuttled.” — Johnny Oleksinski, New York Post

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