Discover What’s Sizzling This Summer With the Perfect Weber Grill

Summer’s in the air, and there’s nothing quite like a backyard cookout for those hot months. And whether you’re just discovering a passion for searing, or an aficionado who’s revered for slinging smashed burgers and veggie skewers, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your grilling equipment and unlock flavors you never knew were possible.

Weber grills are the perfect companion for making a quick dinner for the family or slow-cooking a rack of ribs for your friends. Made in the suburbs of Chicago since 1952, Weber grills have evolved to incorporate technological innovations that help you get your food just right and keep your grill running in top shape for years to come.

And whether you want the convenience of a gas grill, the perfect flat-top griddle, or the smoke flavor of a pellet grill, Weber has the model to help you discover what’s possible.

Gas grills for experts, novices and everything in between

Gas grills are the perfect entry point for future grillmasters. They light fast, hit optimal temperatures quickly, and are durable. Weber’s Genesis models have something for every skill level. The classic uses burners to give a consistent flame and even heat to your hot dogs or veggies. The raised openings ensure that pieces of food won’t fall in and disrupt the flames. Flavorizer bars stop juices from dripping down onto the burners and intensify the flavor of the grill. A pull-out grease tray makes it easy to clean, which gives you back precious time for preparation, or just hydration.

Weber Genesis Gas Grill


Weber’s Deluxe models include a frame kit that can connect for modifications: turn your grill into a pizza oven, dutch oven, or even a griddle. The Tech models let you monitor your grill in real-time, sending you notifications when it’s time to flip your food and serve. You know, notifications that are actually welcome when you’re grilling up a storm for the neighbors.

A griddle that won’t rust

Weber Slate Rust-Resistant Griddles aren’t like the other flat tops. These are made of a carbon steel which, when under intense heat and pressure, case-hardens the cooking surface. That means there’s less chance of moisture and of eventual rust, which doesn’t look good and tastes even worse. Weber griddles come out of the box ready for you to get cooking since they’ve already been treated with food-safe oils. This treatment makes them even more resilient to rust, without the hassle of pre-seasoning.

Weber Slate Rust-Resistant Griddle Weber Slate Rust-Resistant Griddle


It’s a cooking surface that food just won’t want to stick to, which makes cleanup and maintenance a breeze. Since there aren’t any elaborate coatings that can be scratched off when you flip and scrape and press your food, you can use an arsenal of metal tools.

Three burners power your spacious surface to temperatures of 500 F and keep a consistent heat to give you an even cook. The control knobs let you increase heat at your own pace, which is what the perfectionists out there want to hear.

All the smoke you could ask for

If you love a smoky flavor on your grilled foods, you’ve come to the right place. Weber’s new Searwood pellet grills burn wood pellets to generate heat for everything from a quick, quiet meal or a raucous weekend BBQ with everyone from the block. Pellet grills are versatile tools that do it all, from smoke to sear to roast. In only 15 minutes, the pellet hits temperatures between 180 F and 600 F. The sear zone lets you get more food above the flame for crisping and browning.

Weber Searwood Pellet Grill Weber Searwood Pellet Grill


With Weber’s Wifi and Bluetooth features, you can monitor your pellet grill remotely–a huge plus for grillmasters who like to float around and talk to guests while cooking at lower temperatures. The Rapid React PID gets your grill back to the right temperature after the lid pops open. For those who can’t get enough smoke flavor, just turn on SmokeBoost. It does exactly that.

Upgrade your summer now with a Weber grill

Get ready for your summer holidays and parties now with the Weber model that’s designed to fit your needs and budget. Whether you’re making casual dinners for the family or throwing a bash in the backyard, a gas grill, pellet grill, or griddle from Weber is the perfect complement to lazy days and warm nights. Choose your perfect Weber grill today–and get the party started!

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