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Nov 29, 2023


Speaker 1: From the brand new iPhone 15 lineup to the foldable Samson Galaxy Z fold five. There’s no shortage of smartphone options available to you, but as we come to the end of 2023, I want to share some of our top phone picks from the past year. Every phone on this list has been thoroughly reviewed and tested, and you’ll find options across iPhone and Android that fit a variety of needs and budgets. In this video, I’m going to highlight five of my top [00:00:30] picks, but please check out our full list of best phones on CNET for even more options. So let’s get into it. And first up is the $799 Apple iPhone 15 with Dynamic Island Multitasking, A-U-S-B-C port for more convenient charging and a higher resolution camera that can automatically take portrait mode photos of people and pets even if you’re not in portrait mode. The iPhone 15 is a significant upgrade for those coming from older [00:01:00] iPhones.

Speaker 1: It feels like a scaled back version of the iPhone 14 Pro, and that’s not a bad thing. The 15 is available in two size options, the 6.1 inch iPhone 15 and the 6.7 inch iPhone 15 plus both run the A 16 bionic chip and both have a new colorful matte design. Next up is the $699 Google Pixel eight, which is unlike any other phone you can buy today. It has Apelt refined design that’s lighter and comes with seven [00:01:30] years of software updates. That’s the longest for any phone on this list. The screen is bright and easy to see outdoors, but it’s the upgraded camera and the new AI features that truly define the Pixel. Eight. You can use Best Take to swap out people’s heads to get a photo where everyone’s smiling or use the Magic Editor to change two people jumping off a rock into an epic hang time moment.

Speaker 1: I recommend the Pixel eight for anyone coming from a Pixel six A or older. But let’s say [00:02:00] you have a more generous budget. Well, that brings me to the $1,200 Samsung Galaxy S 23 Ultra, which is a lot, but in a good way. The S 23 Ultra has a 200 megapixel camera, not one, but two telephoto cameras and a massive 6.8 inch screen and even a stylus that pops out from the bottom. It comes with four years of software updates. So if you’re looking for a giant screen or one of the most versatile camera systems on any phone and you can [00:02:30] afford the $1,200 price, you won’t be disappointed. Next up is another Richie Rich priced behemoth, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro. Now Apple gave its pro models a glow up with a refreshed, lighter titanium build, A-U-S-B-C port and a new shortcut button. The $1,000 6.1 inch iPhone 15 Pro has a three times telephoto camera while the $1,200 6.7 inch 15 Pro Max has a new longer five times zoom.

Speaker 1: [00:03:00] Apple’s new A 17 Pro chip gives each phone the performance chops to handle Consulter video games like Resident Evil Village. The iPhone 15 Pro and Promax are some of the best phones released by Apple or any phone maker this year. And last on my list is a phone aimed at those of us on a tighter budget, and that’s the $500 Google Pixel seven A, which runs on Google’s tensor G two processor and has most of the photo editing and language translation [00:03:30] tools as last year’s Pixel seven. The phone has a 6.1 inch high refresh rate display and supports wireless charging. The Pixel seven A 64 megapixel camera takes great photos. And out of all the phones on this list, the pixel seven A proves you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a great phone that will last you for years and well, that’s my list. If you’re looking for even more top phone picks, make sure to check out CNET for our full list of best phones. But now I want to hear from you, [00:04:00] did you get a phone in 2023? If so, let me know in the comments and let me know if you think it deserves a place on this list. Last. If you enjoyed this video, please hit like and thank you for watching.

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