Champ Astros hand out record playoff shares

NEW YORK — A full postseason share for the World Series champion Houston Astros totaled a record $516,347 from a player pool of $107.5 million, also a record, in the first season the playoffs were expanded to 12 teams.

The Astros split $38.7 million into 59 full shares, 14.14 partial shares and $940,000 in cash awards, the commissioner’s office said Wednesday. The amount of the winner’s share topped the previous mark of $438,902 for Houston in 2017, and the pool topped the prior record of $90.47 million last year.

A full share for the National League champion Philadelphia Phillies came to $296,255. The Phillies divided $25.8 million into 72 full shares, 15.03 partial shares and $20,000 in cash awards.

Full shares for other playoff teams this year were:

San Diego Padres, $152,709
New York Yankees, $145,820
Cleveland Guardians, $45,795
Atlanta Braves, $44,878
Seattle Mariners, $42,221
Los Angeles Dodgers, $36,148
St. Louis Cardinals, $10,351
Toronto Blue Jays, $10,007
New York Mets, $9,480
Tampa Bay Rays, $8,387

The pool includes 60% from the first two games of each wild-card series, the first three games of each division series and the first four games of each league championship series and the World Series.

This post was originally published on ESPN

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