Blair Underwood Is Engaged to His Friend of 41 Years

Blair Underwood is giving a new definition to friends-to-lovers.

The former Sex and the City actor shared that he’s engaged to Josie Hart, his longtime friend of more than four decades. Underwood, who recently attended the 2022 International Emmys on Nov. 21, revealed that the event was special in more ways than one.

“My personal highlight was walking the red carpet with my new fiancée Josie Hart,” Underwood wrote on Instagram Nov. 22, accompanied by a picture of the couple dressed to the nines at the event. “The most amazing, brilliant, beautiful, hilarious, thought provoking & insightful person I know who continuously lives life out-loud.”

Underwood, 58, noted that he and Hart had none each other before he made it big in the entertainment industry.

“The future is crazy-bright Girl! None of us ever know where God will guide our paths,” Underwood continued. “She’s had my back since before I even became an actor. When a 41 year friendship slaps you in the back of the head & blossoms into romance, you stand up, pay attention & step forward in gratitude. Gently forward. It begins!”

This post was originally published on E! Online

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