Black Friday Lego deals: Save on Star Wars, Space, Marvel & DC Lego sets

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday Lego deals this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. There’s loads of space themed Lego sets out there and the good news is there’s Black Friday deals on a number of them, which we’ve rounded up below.  

We don’t discriminate though. We love all different kinds of Lego sets, and here we’ll be focusing on the best Black Friday Lego deals across space, Star Wars, Marvel and DC sets. And so, no matter what themes of Lego you enjoy, hopefully you’ll find an excellent deal right here.

Most of the sets we’ve selected are suitable for adults, but plenty of them are great for children and less experienced builders, too. Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a super-expensive 7,000-piece UCS Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, or maybe a small model of Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Workshop is more your pace? Either way, we’ve ensured the deals we’ve highlighted cover as large a range as possible.

So, read on to see the best Lego deals we’ve found this Black Friday. If you need some help picking out the perfect Lego set for you, head to our buyer’s guides for Lego Marvel, Lego Star Wars and Lego Space sets

And if you’re looking for more Black Friday deals, how about checking out our guide to the top VR headset deals, or the best space gifts to buy this holiday season?

Black Friday Lego deals

Keep scrolling to see our best Lego deals separated into space, Star Wars, Marvel and DC. But right here are the hottest Lego deals from around the web, with the biggest savings to be had right now.

Best Lego Star Wars deals

In the words of Din Djarin, this is the way… to the best Lego Star Wars deals. In this section we’ve highlighted the very best Star Wars sets from across the galaxy. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a gift, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect Lego Star Wars set.

You’ll find more Lego Star Wars deals on our dedicated page. And if you need help choosing the perfect set, head on over to our Lego Star Wars buyer’s guide.

Best Lego Space deals

We’re heading to the furthest reaches of space to bring you the best deals on Lego space sets available right now. Whether it’s a futuristic playset or a realistic model based on a NASA property, Lego’s space range has something for everyone.

Want more Lego space deals? Head over to our dedicated Lego space deals hub. And if you want help choosing the best set for you, our guide on the best Lego space sets should help.

Best Lego Marvel deals

Like your Lego with a side of superhero? Then check out our selection of the best Lego Marvel deals currently available. Whether you’re an Iron Man fan or you go weak at the knees for Wolverine, hopefully we’ve got something to suit.

You can find out more about Lego Marvel by visiting our best Lego Marvel sets hub.

Best Lego Batman and DC deals

Prefer your superheroes a little more moody? Then perhaps Batman is more your speed. Thankfully, Lego Batman sets have been around for some time, coming in a range of shapes and sizes. We’ve rounded up the best Batman Lego sets, and more from the world of DC, below.

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