Chanel Vargas

Chanel Vargas

Target’s Viral Satin Pajamas Are Your Sign to Live Luxuriously This Fall

For once, having expensive taste won't hurt your bank account thanks to Target's affordable satin pajamas. As fall hues replace the vibrant pinks that defined summer, shoppers are taking the opportunity to hop on an innovative fashion trend: sleepwear as daywear. Since discovering the luxe pajamas, available in a warm chestnut brown and azure blue, TikTok users have wasted no time sharing their daytime styling tips. "Y'all, I could pop this on with a bag and just really be out living my best life," one TikTok user said as she modeled the outfit in the Target dressing room. The full Stars Above pajama set includes a long-sleeve top, pants, a cami, shorts, a sleep dress, and a robe. As much as we love a matching moment, each individual piece from the set could work with your existing wardrobe. Going on a date or brunch with friends? Slip the cami on with a pair of flared jeans and ankle boots. Grabbing rooftop drinks? Swap the jeans out for a black miniskirt and tights. Plus, you can remove the tie on the robe and use it as a shawl or shrug to keep away the fall breeze as you run errands. Several shoppers have also called out the similarity between the pajamas and TLC's outfit in the 1994 "Creep" music video. "It's giving TLC 'Creep,'" one TikTok user said as she posed in front of the mirror in the sleek pajamas. While the blue set is most similar to the set Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins wears in the video, shoppers have been partial to the brown set for its autumnal tones. Some fans of the pajamas have even requested additional colors, including forest green and maroon. If you're looking for an outfit that's comfortable and will leave you feeling like the queen of fall, this is it. No matter how you style the pajama set, the shimmering fabric and rich colors instantly make any ensemble feel a little bit more luxurious. After all, there's something magical about wearing a matching set. Ahead, shop the versatile Stars Above pajama set in both colors, and see what TikTok shoppers have to say about the chic sleepwear. Related: Shop the Under-$35 Fruit Pajamas Going Viral on TikTok

Kendall Jenner’s AI Chatbot Has Arrived, and It Is Scary-Realistic

Image Source: Getty / Gotham As Selena Gomez once said, everything is not what it seems. On Oct. 5, Meta unveiled Billie, an AI chatbot created using Kendall Jenner's likeness. Outwardly, the bot resembles the model to a T, down to her mannerisms, tone of voice, and blinking patterns. "Chatting with me is like having an older sister you can talk to, but who can't steal your clothes," Billie captioned its debut Instagram post. The chatbot is the first in a line of 28 new AI assistants modeled after celebrities, and as one Instagram commenter succinctly put it, "that's freaky as hell." To be fair, artificial intelligence has proven useful in gathering information and analyzing data at a faster pace in myriad industries around the world, including healthcare, cybersecurity, financial services, insurance, the beauty industry, and business enterprises. Still, this most recent development could give "Black Mirror," "Severance," and even "The Matrix" a run for their money. Given that the Billie bot is almost entirely indistinguishable from Jenner, we can't help but consider the effects of the hyper-realistic AI on our tech-centric reality. "This is honestly scary." On Billie's verified Instagram account, which has already accumulated 98,000 followers, the bot wastes no time encouraging viewers to message it for questions. "I am ready to talk and I hope to talk to you soon," the chatbot tells the camera before blowing a kiss. "This is honestly scary," one Instagram user wrote, echoing the sentiments of several more commenters who were quick to call out their confusion over the sci-fi-esque AI advancement. In fact, many followers were in such disbelief that they argued the video was simply Jenner filming a Cameo as a prank. In a press release, however, Meta confirmed some people's worst fears. In addition to Billie, Meta will release 27 celebrity AIs modeled after Snoop Dogg (Dungeon Master), Paris Hilton (Amber), Tom Brady (Bru), Naomi Osaka (Tamika), Mr. Beast (Zach), Charli D'Amelio, Dwyane Wade, Bear Grylls, Chloe Kim, and more. According to some reports, each celebrity received between $1 million and $5 million to share their likeness. Each AI will specialize in answering questions in specific categories. Jenner's Billie will be the "big sis"; Osaka's Tamika will be "an anime-obsessed cosplay expert"; and Brady's Bru will step in as "a wisecracking sports debater." The advanced conversational assistants will be available to interact with on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, which means scrolling through our phones just became a lot more confusing. Will the chatbots be able to change outfits? Swap locations? Collaborate with one another? Will their real-life counterparts interact with their AI selves? Will giving these chatbots human features make them feel like their own separate beings? Several questions are still up in the air as we process the reality of our future with technology. AI is meant to perform human-like tasks, answer questions, and help reduce human error. With celebrities selling their faces and voices, though, we risk unnecessary levels of confusion and the spread of misinformation. Imagine scrolling through your feed and seeing a clip of Jenner awkwardly slicing a cucumber followed by a video of Billie making a five-course meal. What is the truth? While this example is fairly tame, there's no telling what these celebrity-adjacent AIs can do or say that might affect their real-life counterparts and their respective fandoms. In a world where parasocial relationships are normalized and scrolling through social media feels like second nature, new AI developments like this will surely force us to stay on our toes. We may not be ready for all that's to come, but we'll be doing our best to fact check every step of the way. Related: From Artists to Athletes, Kendall Jenner's Dating History Is Star-Studded

Cool Dad Will Ferrell Fills in as Surprise DJ at a USC Frat Party

Image Source: Getty / Michael Hickey It's Will Ferrell's party, and we're all invited. On Oct. 7, the actor made a surprise appearance as guest DJ at a Sigma Alpha Mu frat party at the University of Southern California, his alma mater. Getting the party started ahead of the football team's game against the University of Arizona, Ferrell hopped behind the turntables and blasted a medley of hits, including "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor and "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers. Ferrell also played "N- in Paris" by Jay-Z and Kanye West, which features a clip of his "Blades of Glory" character Chazz saying, "No one knows what it means, but it's provocative." At one point, Ferrell even took his hands off the turntables to operate a fog cannon as he bobbed his head along to the music. Around him, college students danced, sang along, and, of course, recorded the unforgettable moment on their phones. Even with video evidence, however, the fact that the four-time Emmy winner would suddenly appear at a college event to show off his DJ skills feels a little surreal. How did he land the gig? Did he bring his own DJ equipment? What will he do next: deliver pizza to the dorms? Start a flash mob in the quad? Fill in as an adjunct professor? Once the novelty of the situation sinks in, though, we can't help but admit that hosting a surprise DJ set is incredibly fitting for someone as lovably eccentric as Ferrell. Considering Ferrell's oldest son Magnus is a sophomore at USC, it makes sense that his impromptu DJ set coincided with USC's Parents Weekend. But Ferrell has actually been a regular at the university since he graduated in 1990. During his time at USC, he studied sports broadcasting and joined the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Since graduating with a BA degree in sports information, he's remained an active alumn; he delivered the class of 2017 commencement speech, which he ended with a rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." Beyond banging on the drums in "Step Brothers" and joining an international music competition in "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga," Ferrell - who is often confused with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith - continues to pursue his musical talents in other ways. For instance, in 2022, the proud dad crashed Magnus's first live performance with his band by jumping in to play the cowbell, a reference to one of his most memorable "Saturday Night Live" sketches. Needless to say, we have a feeling this DJ set won't be his last. Ahead, see Ferrell's DJ set at USC for yourself. Related: Meet Diana Ross's Large Family, From Tracee Ellis Ross to Her 8 Grandkids Will Ferrell DJs a Frat Party During USC Parents Weekend @lupetwins8803 #uscfamilyweekend @@WillFerrellOfficial #uscfootball ♬ original sound - Lupitatwins @lupetwins8803 #usc#uscparentsweekend ❤️💛❤️💛 #fighton✌️ ❤️💛❤️💛 ♬ original sound - Lupitatwins

Netflix Makes the Wise Decision to Skip Another Live “Love Is Blind” Reunion

Image Source: Netflix The live "Love Is Blind" season four reunion was a logistical sh*t show, to say the least. Following passionate feedback from frustrated viewers, Netflix announced that the season five reunion will not be live-streamed. Instead, the prerecorded reunion special will premiere on Oct. 15 at 5 p.m. PT (8 p.m. ET). While live television is well-suited for award shows and halftime performances, allow us to refresh your memory about the chaos that ensued during last season's "Love Is Blind" reunion. The season four "Love Is Blind" reunion was initially intended to be a live event, capturing the unfiltered dialogue between some of our favorite couples and the season's most notable exes. But the drama would unfold well before the reunion actually began. Viewers on all coasts tuned in for the live reunion at the announced start time on April 16, and over an hour later, Netflix announced that the episode would be premiering later than expected. The reunion was ultimately delayed 19 hours and didn't premiere until April 17, a day later than promised. The delayed start time sent several dedicated fans in a frenzy, with many staying up late or waking up early in the hopes of catching the reunion as soon as possible. "To everyone who stayed up late, woke up early, gave up their Sunday afternoon . . . we are incredibly sorry that the 'Love is Blind' Live Reunion did not turn out as we had planned. We're filming it now and we'll have it on Netflix as soon as humanly possible," the streamer previously posted regarding the technical difficulty. "Again, thank you and sorry." Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter three months after the incident, the show's creator, Chris Coelen, said the reunion snafu was painful for him to watch, too. "Normally in that situation, I'd be in the control room," he said. "I'd be in the host's ear. And I wasn't. I lost my mind. I was sitting in front of my TV like, 'What is happening? Give me the updates. What's going on?'" Coelen added that the idea to host a live reunion special originally came from Netflix "and we all had some misgivings about it." Though the season four reunion was ultimately unsuccessful, it seems the streaming platform is learning from its past mistakes. With less room for error, the season five "Love Is Blind" reunion might not be as messy as the last, but chaos is definitely still in the cards for some couples. And after an underwhelming season overall, we're more than ready to drink up any post-season revelations, gold wine glass in hand. Related: Renee Poche Reveals Why "Love Is Blind" Might Have Cut Her Love Story

I Tried TikTok’s Viral Ghost Painting Trend For Halloween – Here’s How It’s Done

A new TikTok trend is offering an artful approach to Halloween decor. Made popular by content creators like adairbosserman and bekmarsden, the craft project encourages TikTok users to refurbish thrifted paintings by adding in ghosts, bats, and other markings of the spooky holiday. Though there are no set rules for the trend, the majority of artwork under #GhostPaintings features human and animal figures transformed into ghosts in white sheets. Any other supernatural details appeared to be spontaneous additions conceptualized by each painter. As a certified Halloween enthusiast (among friends, anyway), I decided to test out the trend for myself and see if creating a custom piece of Halloween art is really as easy as it seems online. With my earbuds in and my Halloween playlist on full blast, I headed to the nearest thrift store in search of forgotten treasure. The selection was, admittedly, pretty sparse. Just as I was about to leave empty-handed, however, I came across an 8" x 12" frame encasing a print of a shepherd and his sheep overlooking the sea. With most TikTok videos centering on vintage paintings and haunting portraits, I knew I'd hit the jackpot. After taking my $5 thrift-store find home, I cut the back of the frame open and carefully removed the print. The embossment on the bottom corner of the print suggested it was around 100 years old, so I definitely felt the need to give this painting some love. Next, my sister and I got to work with a set of acrylic paints and brushes in varying sizes. To avoid any creative differences, we sketched out our ideas for the alterations on a separate sheet of paper: ghosts, foreboding clouds, a miniature graveyard, and pumpkins galore. Finally, it was time to go in with the paint. Tentatively, we added some fall foliage, the obligatory ghosts included in the original TikTok trend, and a few personal touches we felt gave the piece an autumnal vibe. Aside from waiting for the paint to dry so we could pop it back into its frame, the project was relatively easy to execute. Any mistakes could be covered up by more paint, and since we did our best to maintain the original design of the painting, we didn't have to worry about adding too much or too little. A few hours later, we had a unique piece of art to complete our Halloween decor, and I felt my childhood passion for painting reawaken. Plus, the project was accessible, fun, and affordable. While my home is far from a haunted mansion, this DIY artwork will definitely add to the supernatural ambiance all season long. If you're looking for even more spooky decor, you can also DIY your own giant spider or go the sweet route and add a cute ghost pillow to the mix. Ahead, see a step-by-step guide on how to create your own thrifted ghost painting and take a peek at some of our favorite Halloween paintings on TikTok. Related: Snag This Viral Pumpkin Punch Bowl From Target Before It Sells Out Again

“My Name Is Lewis”: Shop the Target Ghoul Taking Over TikTok

TikTok has uncovered an unlikely Halloween hero: Lewis, Target's 8-foot-tall talking animatronic. "I am not a jack-o'-lantern. My name is Lewis," the ghoul famously says before breaking into a bellowing laugh. A surprising charmer, the Lewis-o'-lantern has quickly become TikTok's unofficial mascot for the holiday, inspiring everything from animations and fan edits to theories about his romance with Home Depot's 12-foot skeleton animatronic. "Live, laugh, Lewis," one TikTok user wrote. Another TikTok user added, "i love this funky little guy every time he pops up on my fyp." Synonymous with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy, Lewis has taken on a life of his own. The beloved ghoul has even inspired Halloween costumes and prompted TikTok users to speculate about his backstory. Who is Lewis, and how did he become this way? Does he have a family? Is his heart made of pumpkin seeds? While Lewis won't divulge any details about his supernatural past, the animatronic does have a few other cheeky catchphrases. "Trick or treat, all you creepy crawlers," he says in one video. "Crooked smile and glowing eye, I see all your tricks from way up high," Lewis adds in another. Though, his final catchphrase - a Halloween pun - might be my favorite: "Hello, hello, hello. I'm so happy you could carve out some time to come out tonight." Not since Tom Hanks's David S. Pumpkins made his "SNL" debut in 2016 have we seen so much enthusiasm for a Halloween personality. I'm even tempted to put in the work of carving multiple pumpkins this fall just so Lewis can have an army of mini Lewises (Lewi?) to keep him company as he greets unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. Though the fantastic ghoul is currently sold out, Lewis is still available in stores. Ahead, see Lewis-o'-lantern from all angles. Related: It's Not Too Late to Buy The Home Depot’s 13-Foot Jack Skellington For Halloween

These “Hocus Pocus” Charcuterie Boards Are Delightfully Bewitching

If you're hosting a scary-movie marathon this Halloween, quality snacks are a must. Thanks to the Sanderson Sisters, this "Hocus Pocus" charcuterie board is pretty much a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Sure, cheese and cold cuts might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween snacks, but this enchanting "Hocus Pocus" charcuterie board, designed by Courtney Wright in 2020, has clearly put a spell on TikTok and Instagram. "The idea for the savory 'Hocus Pocus' grazing board quite literally popped into my head after seeing that the movie was starting to run on Freeform as part of their 31 Nights of Halloween," Wright tells POPSUGAR. "'Hocus Pocus' has always been my favorite Halloween movie, and I was inspired to create something I'd never done before. The Sanderson Sisters are so iconic - I couldn't stop thinking about how their look could be created on something like a grazing board. I instantly knew that I wanted to use brie rounds for the faces, rolled salami for Winifred's hair, and blackberries for Mary's. I honestly had no idea how it would turn out but was thrilled with the result!" Now, for the fourth year in a row, the Sanderson Sisters charcuterie boards are making the rounds on social media. If you're one of the few who hasn't been bewitched by the "Hocus Pocus" cheese boards, you will be after you see the Sanderson Sisters' faces immortalized in cheddar, brie, and gouda. Personally, I'm tempted to serve up Winifred's salami curls with crackers ASAP. If you're ready to start crafting your "Hocus Pocus" charcuterie board, read on for Wright's sweet and savory board recipes that will wow your movie guests and keep them snacking all night long. Related: Pillsbury's Halloween Sugar Cookies Have Inspired a Spooky New Dessert Trend

Olivia Rodrigo’s Sleeveless Sweater Is Only $45 – Shop the Vest Here

Somewhere in Los Angeles, the wind picked up and sent the autumn leaves swirling as Olivia Rodrigo stepped out in a black maxi skirt and a sleeveless sweater vest. In a TikTok video posted on Oct. 4, Rodrigo embraced the cozy fall fashion trend while parodying her songwriting process. Between frantic typing and sped-up guitar playing, the singer showed off her crimson vest from all angles. Eager to replicate Rodrigo's look, we tracked down the Urban Outfitters design, and it's surprisingly affordable. Rodrigo's Santorini Buttoned Sweater Vest is $45 and features a five-button design that makes it perfect for layering as the warm days transition into fall weather. Rodrigo styled the piece as is with the top of the vest unbuttoned, a chic but casual styling choice. Comfy without being too restricting, the sleeveless sweater also looks like it would pair nicely with a long-sleeve shirt and high-waisted jeans, a floor-length dress, or a miniskirt and tights. The sweater vest is also available in three other fall-friendly colors, including navy-and-cream argyle, lavender-and-olive argyle, and black. While we couldn't see Rodrigo's footwear, lug-sole loafers or ballet flats feel like an appropriate way to complete the classy look. For her quick jam session, the singer tied the outfit together with dark jewelry and her "Guts"-inspired black nail polish. The finished ensemble is decidedly preppy while still evoking the rock and roll edge that has defined her "Guts" aesthetic for the last several months. As we search for more unique sweaters to fill our fall wardrobes, Rodrigo's vest will definitely be top of mind. Ahead, see Rodrigo enjoy her comfy-girl era and shop her exact sweater vest before it's gone. Related: Meghan Markle's J.Crew Sleeveless Sweater Is Available For Less Than $100

GloRilla Honors Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes With BET Hip Hop Awards Outfit

The year was 1999. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes shimmied, arms raised, down the red carpet at the Source Hip Hop Music Awards. Her outfit: head-to-toe brown suede featuring a fur skirt with a thigh-high slit. More than two decades later, GloRilla reimagined Lopes's ensemble at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards on Oct. 3 in Atlanta. A clear homage to the late TLC member, GloRilla's outfit featured a crisscross halter top and a similar floor-length fur skirt. She styled the '90s-inspired look with black boots, gold earrings, and a space-bun hairstyle. TLC - consisting of Lopes, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins - were pioneers of '90s fashion, setting trends in everything from baggy jeans and overalls to chromed-out bikini tops. In fact, at the time of her passing, Lopes was working on a pajama line in collaboration with Kyle Young, according to an interview with Wendy Williams in 2000. Now, 21 years after Lopes's unfortunate death in a car accident, GloRilla's outfit serves as a reminder that the rapper's impact has not been forgotten. Lopes's original look featured a tawny-brown suede crop top with a crisscross halter neckline, a lace-up bust, and oversize cargo pockets on either side of the chest. Past her exposed midriff, Lopes continued the monochrome look in a voluminous fur skirt with silk lining and a suede waistband. She completed the unique outfit with a pair of knee-high, square-toe boots and drop earrings. Replicating Lopes's design, GloRilla strutted down the red carpet in a chocolate crisscross halter top and a textured fur skirt. Similar to Lopes's, Glorilla's skirt featured a strip of fabric around the waist mirroring her top. The skirt also included a thigh-high slit that exposed her pointed-toe boots. Though GloRilla's color scheme was noticeably darker than the original, her outfit was a beautiful nod to Lopes from every angle. GloRilla even took a moment to pose for the camera with her arms outstretched, just like Lopes did. Ahead, admire GloRilla and Lopes's ensembles side by side, and see more era-defining fashion moments from the '90s here. Related: Zendaya Re-Creates Naomi Campbell's Iconic Y2K Denim Ad - Shop the Look

Taylor Swift Scores in Another Sporty Ensemble – Shop Her New Balance Sneakers Here

If there's one thing Taylor Swift knows about game day, it's that no outfit is complete without a sleek pair of New Balance sneakers. While cheering on Travis Kelce at a Kansas City Chiefs game on Sept. 24, Swift wore a white cropped tank top by Dôen, Ksubi distressed denim shorts, a Chiefs windbreaker, and a pair of red-and-white 550 New Balance sneakers. On Oct. 3, Swift was again spotted in a pair of New Balances - this time the Ganni x New Balance 1906R sneaker - during a stroll through New York City. She styled the shoes with black bike shorts, a Still Here New York Dad Cap, a Louis Vuitton camera box bag, and an oversize Shania Twain t-shirt from Free People. Since making her public debut with Kelce on Sept. 24, Swift has seemingly adopted a sports-centric wardrobe with a focus on athleisure pieces like sweatshirts and running shoes. The shift in her style has been so noticeable, in fact, that sales for the 550 New Balance sneaker increased by 25 percent in the week following her game-day appearance, according to Complex. Notably, the sneakers first made their debut in 1989, making them a possible nod to "1989 (Taylor's Version)," her upcoming rerecorded album. Joined by celebrity friends - including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Brittany Mahomes, and Sophie Turner - Swift attended another Chiefs game on Oct 1. This time, the star arrived in a pair of Area embellished denim shorts, an opulent upgrade from the traditional game day sweats and joggers. She completed the look with a black long-sleeved crewneck shirt, a Gant Studio leather shirt, and Christian Louboutin knee-high boots in place of her usual sneakers. Like her Eras tour closet, Swift's game-day wardrobe is scoring major style points from every angle, including her footwear. Shop Swift's exact New Balance sneakers ahead. Related: 44 Sneakers That Are Loved by Editors and Celebrities Alike