Chanel Vargas

Chanel Vargas

Whole Foods’s Limited-Edition Hydro Flasks Are the Ultimate Fall Accessory

As proven by Olivia Wilde and Hilary Duff, a water bottle is more than just a way to quench your thirst - it's a fashion statement. This season, Whole Foods is getting in on the style trend with a limited-edition collection of fall-colored Hydro Flasks. Unlike the brand's traditionally vibrant shades, the neutral water bottles are available in Almond (eggshell white), Walnut (light brown), and Chestnut (rosy pink), and shoppers on TikTok are already racing to get their hands on every color. The collection includes three 32-ounce water bottles with flex straw caps, wide-mouth openings, and leak-proof straws. That means you don't have to worry about any accidents in your gym bag if you toss your water bottle in at the last minute. The Hydro Flasks, which retail for $55 each, are also dishwasher safe and equipped to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, which makes staying hydrated that much easier. If you enjoy a hot drink after a workout or you're looking for a multi-purpose bottle that can handle higher temperatures, they also keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours. The flex straw cap, however, is not intended to handle hot drinks, so be aware of this before serving yourself your morning coffee. As functional as they are, though, it's the chic colors have shoppers buying the bottles three at a time. (We can already imagine them pairing perfectly with our favorite activewear sets.) Though they aren't available to shop online, in-person shoppers report that the limited-edition Hydro Flask collection is going fast. If you're interested in securing one for yourself, take a sneak peek at the water bottles and shop more new fall-and-winter-themed Hydro Flasks ahead. Related: Stanley's New Water Bottle Is a Lightweight Alternative to Its Internet-Famous Tumbler

JAY-Z Reveals the Unexpected Inspiration Behind Blue Ivy’s Name

Image Source: Getty / David Dow / NBAE Blue Ivy Carter's name has been synonymous with success since day one. As the daughter of Beyoncé and JAY-Z, the 11-year-old has navigated inherited fame like a pro. At 8 years old, she was nominated for a Grammy for her contributions to Beyoncé's "Brown Skin Girl." More recently, Blue Ivy guest starred as a backup dancer on her mom's "Renaissance" Tour, showcasing her mastery over the complex choreography. On Oct. 27, however, JAY-Z rocked the internet when he revealed that his oldest daughter's name - the same name fans have come to know and love - was almost completely different. "We just took the 'berry' off and called her Blue." "It was supposed to be Brooklyn," JAY-Z told Gayle King in a "CBS Mornings" interview. "That was the name we had in theory." Say again? Brooklyn Carter? Though Brooklyn also starts with a B, it's a far cry from Blue, a unique name that has allowed the preteen to go mononymous just like her mom. Of course, if the couple had opted to name their daughter Brooklyn, it likely would have been a nod to the New York borough where JAY-Z grew up. As it stands, her actual name also has a pretty sweet meaning. "When we got the sonogram, we was calling her Blueberry. Like, 'Look at the little blueberry,'" the dad of three said. "You know, it was like a nickname for nine months." After referring to their firstborn as Blueberry the entirety of Beyoncé's pregnancy, the adorable nickname stuck, and Blue Ivy was born. JAY-Z added, "It was just natural. We just took the 'berry' off and called her Blue." Prior to the revelatory interview, many fans speculated Blue Ivy's name was derived from a quote in Rebecca Solnit's 2005 novel, "A Field Guide to Getting Lost," which Beyoncé shared to her Tumblr account in 2012. "The world is blue at its edges and in its depths," the piece reads. "This blue is the light that got lost. Light at the blue end of the spectrum does not travel the whole distance from the sun to us. It disperses among the molecules of the air, it scatters in the water." The piece continues, "Water is colourless, shallow water appears to be the colour of whatever lies underneath it, but deep water is full of this scattered light, the purer the water the deeper the blue. The sky is blue for the same reason, but the blue at the horizon, the blue of the land that seems to be dissolving into the sky, is a deeper, dreamier, melancholy blue, the blue at the farthest reaches of the places where you see for miles, the blue of distance. This light does not touch us, does not travel the whole distance, the light that gets lost, gives us the beauty of the world, so much of which is in the colour blue." As for Ivy, her middle name, the moniker was reportedly inspired by Beyonce's deep personal connection to the number four and the Roman numeral IV, which equates to four. Brooklyn Carter. Blueberry Carter. Blue Ivy Carter. In the multiverse of celebrity baby names, the possibilities are endless. Whether she'd been born Brooklyn or not, though, one thing is clear: Blue Ivy is a star just like the rest of the Carter-Knowles family. Related: Blue Ivy Secretly Thinks JAY-Z Is Cool . . . According to JAY-Z

Blue Ivy Secretly Thinks JAY-Z Is Cool . . . According to JAY-Z

Image Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur / Roc Nation All dads have their embarrassing moments. Yes, even JAY-Z. In a recent interview with Gayle King on "CBS Mornings," however, the proud dad of three claimed that his oldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, only pretends to be embarrassed by him in public. At home, she actually thinks her dad is pretty cool. In fact, JAY-Z says the 11-year-old even asks him for fashion advice from time to time. "Blue, she be frontin' on me a little bit." "Blue, she be frontin' on me a little bit, but I catch her," he said. "I catch her in the corner, you know? Now she asks me if this is cool - her sneakers or whatever she's wearing." While Blue Ivy wasn't around to refute her dad's claims, she does appear to have taken some major style cues from both her parents in recent years. Take, for example, when the father-daughter duo attended the 2022 NBA Finals in San Francisco last year. For the outing, Blue Ivy wore low-top Nike Dunk sneakers, sweatpants, a black leather jacket, and a "Brown Skin Girl" T-shirt from mom Beyoncé's merch line. JAY-Z complemented his daughter's look in an all-black outfit and white sneakers. The preteen also spent some quality time with her dad at the 2023 Super Bowl in February, during which the pair wore all-black ensembles and matching sunglasses. At the NBA finals, they went viral after JAY-Z wrapped his arm around Blue Ivy on the jumbotron and pulled her in for a kiss on the cheek. Embarrassed by her dad, the preteen rolled her eyes and subtly attempted to pull away as JAY-Z smiled for the camera. Though Blue Ivy does try to call her dad out when he's making her feel awkward, JAY-Z told King he's learned to make a case for himself: "I'm cool. I don't know what you saying. At your house, your parents is cool." Since their NBA outing, Blue Ivy has been busy guest starring as a backup dancer on her mom's "Renaissance" Tour. While performing in Dubai in January, the mother-daughter duo performed "Brown Skin Girl" together. Blue Ivy also broke out some impressive choreography before sharing a sweet embrace with her mom on stage. Though Blue Ivy might say otherwise, it seems like having JAY-Z and Beyoncé as parents is pretty cool after all. Related: Beyoncé's "Renaissance" Tour Movie Hits Theaters in December - Here's What to Know

Allison Williams Is Still Taking Style Cues From Her Onscreen Rival, M3GAN

Allison Williams served horror-movie haute couture during a stroll through New York City on Oct. 25. Following the viral success of director Gerard Johnstone's "M3gan," in which Williams plays the malevolent doll's rival, fans have been taking style cues from the fashionable AI robot. In the film, M3GAN unleashes her vengeance on dozens of unsuspecting victims, and she does it all in patent-leather Mary Janes and a peplum silhouette. After months of filming, her chic sense of style appears to have rubbed off on Williams, and something about the preppy ensemble has us envisioning a whole collection of M3GAN-inspired outfits. Putting a M3GAN-core twist on some of our favorite fall fashion trends, Williams stepped out in a Brunello Cucinelli Giacca double-breasted leather blazer, which retails for $8,400, layered over a white button-up shirt and a sequin necktie. She styled the brown leather blazer with a plaid miniskirt, sheer tights, and pointed-toe pumps in a rich chocolate shade. Even her manicure reflected the autumnal tones. For those who haven't had the pleasure of watching the comedy-infused horror film, "M3GAN" closely follows the eponymous AI robot as she attempts to pick off the human race one by one. Even as she's coaxing her next victim into the forest to meet their unfortunate end, the doll manages to keep her peplum coat and hand-polished shoes looking pristine. As a children's plaything, she is lethal; but as a horror-movie fashion idol, M3GAN's wardrobe is a lesson in the power of simplicity, which Williams has executed perfectly. Falling heavily in line with the traditional prep and school-girl aesthetics, M3GAN-core is all about attention to detail. From an artful pair of tinted sunglasses to a set of leather driving gloves that beg the question "Can M3GAN drive?," the AI doll's wardrobe is stacked with luxe accessories. Like the carefully curated pieces that round out M3GAN's costumes, Williams's sleek heels and shimmering necktie feel purposeful in their styling and invoke the idea that - dangerous AI bot or not - a quality coat never goes out of style. Admire Williams's "M3GAN"-inspired ensemble from all angles ahead, and see more of our favorite "M3GAN-core" looks here. Related: Meghan Markle Is Still Taking Style Cues From Her "Suits" Character

We’ll Take a Dozen of Pottery Barn’s Gingerbread Cookie Pillows, Please

If you only add one new holiday decoration to your home this winter, let it be Pottery Barn's adorable gingerbread pillows. Like the cozy ghost pillows that kept us company through movie marathons leading up to Halloween, the gingerbread pillows are basically your excuse to turn your living room into a holiday extravaganza. At over a foot tall, Pottery Barn's Mr. Spice and Ms. Spice pillows command attention. From their colorful gumdrop buttons to their sweet icing detailing, the holiday decorations add a subtle pop of color to the room and invite anyone who sits on the couch to settle in for a nap. The only catch? At $70 each, the lovable gingerbread people are on the higher end of the holiday-pillow budget, but they're the perfect addition to your wish list. Plus, the retailer is also selling a $30 Georgie Gingerbread Pillow for kids. Though it's not the traditional shape of a gingerbread man, the charming pillow person is made from 100 percent wool in a Fair Trade Certified facility and is cute as can be. The pillows also double as plushies, which means you can buy one to display on the sofa and another to gift to your little one or a friend's child this Christmas. Personally, I'd like a baker's dozen of each, so if you know me IRL, don't be surprised to see these on my wish list. Ahead, shop the gingerbread pillows, and see more Christmas-gift inspiration here. Related: Shop Anthropologie's Glitter-Filled Wine Glasses That Look Just Like Snow Globes

Lady Gaga Jumps on the Shag Haircut Trend

Someone needs to write a power ballad about Lady Gaga's new shag haircut because we're in love. On Oct. 18, the Grammy winner and beauty-brand owner debuted her shaggy new layers and curtain bangs outside Electric Lady Studios in New York City. A day later, Gaga returned to Greenwich Village for a surprise performance with The Rolling Stones in celebration of their new album, "Hackney Diamonds," at Racket NYC. Always one to go all in with her musical personas, Gaga, who is set to appear in "Joker 2," leaned into the rock and roll aesthetic with a sequin jumpsuit and messy waves to tie the look together. The singer's shoulder-length shag haircut featured a set of choppy layers and shaggy curtain bangs that grazed just above her smoky eyeliner. As she performed for the star-studded audience - which included Daniel Craig, Mary Kate Olsen, Jimmy Fallon, and Trevor Noah - Gaga enthusiastically mimicked Mick Jagger's classic onstage walk, showing off the buoyancy of her voluminous layers as they bounced from side to side. She completed her look with a glossy pink lip reminiscent of the '70s glam rock days and an almond-shaped black manicure. For Gaga, whose vast hair and makeup catalog has inspired thousands of at-home beauticians, the edgy cut is comparatively tame. Some of her most memorable hair transformations over the years include her severe "Fame Monster" bob with blunt bangs in 2009, her butter-yellow "Born This Way" wig from 2010, and her blond bob from the "House of Gucci" premiere in 2021. Unlike her recent jazz-era updos and romantic beauty tributes to Old Hollywood, however, Gaga's mullet-adjacent look screams rock-star chic. Some might even say the rock and roll look hints at the possibility of a new musical era for the superstar, who released her last studio album, "Chromatica," in 2020. Of course, Gaga is the latest in a long line of celebrities to partake in the shag haircut trend in recent months. Stars like Nicole Scherzinger, Jenna Ortega, and Madonna have all undergone a dramatic snip, inspiring fans and fellow celebrities to follow suit. As one of several stars to test out the shag haircut trend, Gaga's new look is further proof that the shag cut is here to stay. Ahead, admire Gaga's new rock and roll shag haircut from all angles, and read how to style the cut to perfection every time here. Related: Kim Kardashian With a Buzz Cut Was Not on Our 2023 Bingo Card

Billie Eilish’s Fridge Shows the Crispy-Coke Experiment Gone Wrong

Like Icarus flying too close to the sun, Billie Eilish risked it all for a crispy Coke, and the consequences were exponential. For weeks, people on TikTok have been sharing their recipes and hacks for turning a simple canned Coca-Cola into a five-star beverage. Popular hacks include adding citrus to the soda and serving it over pebbled ice after letting it "marinate" in the fridge for weeks, or putting the soda can in the freezer for a few minutes before enjoying. The goal is to enhance the CO2 levels of the drink and suppress the sweetness, making it fizzier and more refreshing. Evidently, Eilish chose the latter option to crisp-ify her Coke, and the results were surprisingly chaotic. Without saying a word, Eilish shared photos of her crispy-Coke experiment gone wrong to her Instagram Story on Oct. 19. A quick glance inside the freezer revealed the aftermath of the can spewing all over her frozen food. Like the inside of a slushy machine or a food fight gone wrong, the mess was everywhere. A closer inspection at the underside of the second shelf - presumably where Eilish set the soda to chill overnight - also showed icicles of Coke dripping from the glass and creeping along the walls. Even the inside of the freezer door, which held an open bag of frozen peas and several ice packs, endured the mess. Luckily, not all of the contents of Eilish's freezer were hit by the splatter. In the first photo of the incident, the Diet Coke lies on its side with the top of the can semi-imploded. From the opening, brownish slush can be seen oozing onto the bottom of the freezer. On the first shelf, directly above the can, loaves of gluten-free bread and what appears to be a pack of tortillas sit safely tucked away. One shelf up, where the can originally popped, we see a bag of half-eaten flaxseed, a package of tofu, a bag of blueberries, and a container of unidentifiable food - possibly frozen fruit. Finally, one shelf higher, we can see a glimpse of the vegan singer's favorite nuts and seeds, including peanuts, pistachios, almonds, and walnuts. While not everything needs cleaning, it will definitely have to be removed to get the soda slush off the back walls of the freezer. In some ways, the scene was a work of art, demonstrating the beautiful chaos of time passing. More so, though, the soft-drink eruption was a helpful reminder to set a timer, preferably for under an hour, if you're ever trying to chill a canned drink in the freezer. Any longer, and the water molecules will push the CO2 in the carbonated drink outward. As the pressurized gas tries to escape from the tiny can, the strain will cause the can or bottle to burst, according to Sciencing. Though Eilish didn't get to enjoy her drink as planned, her crispy-Coke experiment will definitely be playing in the back of my mind next time I'm craving a chilled beverage. Related: Starbucks's New Holiday Line Includes Iridescent Tumblers and Glittery Cold Cups

Julia Fox’s Handbag Collection Is Out of Control

In the right hands, a handbag is more than an accessory. For Julia Fox, whose eccentric outfits and revealing-streetwear moments push the limits of fashion, a handbag is never an afterthought - in some cases, it's the defining piece of the outfit. From a clutch made out of human hair to a six-foot body bag, Fox has reimagined the functional accessory. As a result, we can't help but select our memorable favorites in her collection. Most recently, Fox meant business when she hit the pavement in New York City with a comically large briefcase purse in hand. The brown leather briefcase perfectly complemented her knee-high stiletto boots, which she paired with an oversize blazer and a matching tweed skirt in gray. As soon as photos of Fox's business-casual look hit social media, fans were quick to speculate about what Fox might have been carrying in the massive briefcase. Sketches outlining her next showstopping outfit? Her head-turning garment-bag dress? Latex and duct tape in case she needs to craft a new ensemble on the spot? Beyond the briefcase, Fox's expansive handbag collection includes purses in all styles. In May, she effortlessly strutted down the sidewalk in an outfit made entirely of condoms, with a handbag to match. At the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, Fox wore a black evening gown and a clutch made out of human hair. After sneaking a peak at her wardrobe, it's clear that, regardless of the occasion, Fox has an ensemble ready to go and a handbag to match. Ahead, explore more of Fox's unique handbag collection and shop a bag to pair with your everyday looks here. Related: Hollywood's New It Bag Is Surprisingly Affordable - Shop Yours Here

The Controversial Peplum Trend Is Back With a Vengeance This Fall

If you kept up with style trends in the 2010s, you probably had a peplum top you paired with skinny jeans and ballet flats. (We don't blame you. We did, too.) From peplum blouses to dresses and skirts, the dramatic silhouette was everywhere. Now, over a decade later, the controversial fashion trend is making a comeback thanks to celebrities like Florence Pugh, Gabrielle Union, Angela Bassett, and Harry Styles, who aren't afraid to air out the retro ruffles one more time. Notably, Union delivered a unique take on the trend in a Schiaparelli corset jumpsuit during a night out in Los Angeles on Oct. 13. The olive-green piece, designed by Daniel Roseberry, featured a gold three-button closure at the waist and seashell-inspired pleating along the bust. Union styled the plunging outfit, which flared at the hips, with a gold-and-silver statement choker and square-toe chrome heels. Like flared jeans, the exaggerated peplum silhouette has elicited varied reactions from fashion lovers worldwide. Those in favor of the peplum trend often praise its ability to accentuate the smallest part of the waist - à la corset tops - and add volume to the hips. Those opposed to the dramatic design most frequently cite the wilted fabric that, when draped haphazardly, can end up looking messy at best and like a wrinkled bedsheet tucked into the waist at worst. Modern takes on the throwback look, though, boast one key difference: structure. Most recently, designers such as Armani Privé, Viktor & Rolf, Givenchy, Dior, and Prabal Gurung have all showcased peplum silhouettes in runway shows, proving that the trend's return is more than just a sartorial phenomenon. By using stiffer fabrics and incorporating seasonal trends like sheer fabrics and sequins, these designers and more have managed to manipulate the peplum trend, reforming it into something fresher and more digestible for a 2023 audience. Though we often associate it with the 2010s, the peplum trend dates as far back as ancient Greece, where people of all genders used the cinched waist and extended hips to emphasize an hourglass silhouette, according to MasterClass. The style gained even more popularity during the Renaissance era, which boasted detailed corset bodices attached to full skirts that extended at the waist. Today, the peplum style is romantic and experimental all at once, pressing the boundaries of what it means to be haute couture. Considering some of our favorite fashion trends this year have been some of the most unusual - see thong boots and seven-inch platforms - we have hope that the peplum trend, as controversial as it is, will be leaving its mark the second time around. Ahead, see how celebrities like Union, Anne Hathaway, and Anitta have been putting their own spin on the peplum trend. Related: Billie Eilish Re-Launches the Fishnet Trend in a Big Way For 2023

Get Your Hands on Etsy’s Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Earrings Before They Disappear

Something supernatural is in the air this Halloween, and it might be lurking closer than you think. In preparation for the spooky holiday, Etsy sellers have introduced glow-in-the-dark ghost earrings in multiple varieties. Made of clay, resin, and other incandescent materials, each set of earrings creates the illusion of your face being haunted by a set of miniature phantoms. While they don't levitate on their own, the spirits can illuminate any fall outfit, making them perfect for a moonlit stroll through the pumpkin patch or a last-minute venture into a haunted house. As you get to work on preparing your elaborate costumes, keep in mind these ghost earrings add a bewitching touch to even the simplest cold-weather ensemble. One pair boasts a pair of ghosts trapped in glass bottles à la "Ghostbusters," while a more classic set of ghost earrings glows bright green like each spirit is dripping in ectoplasm. Another set of jewelry shows a Polaroid of Barbara and Adam from "Beetlejuice" clad in their signature bedsheets. If you're in the mood for something less traditional, there's also a pair of resin ghost earrings mixed with holographic glitter, as well as one that depicts the spirits holding freshly carved jack-o'-lanterns, a unique design that doubles as a conversation starter at Halloween parties. For anyone having trouble committing to just one pair, you can also mix and match the specters depending on the tones of your outfit or the occasion. (We highly recommend the jack-o'-lantern earrings for your next pumpkin painting contest.) Ahead, shop our favorite pairs of glow-in-the-dark ghost earrings, and check out more ghoulish gifts for Halloween here. Related: Michaels's New Color-Changing Ghost Candles Are Disappearing Fast