Apple TV Plus’ Hijack is 24 meets Taken on a plane, starring passenger Idris Elba

Apple released the first trailer for its upcoming action thriller series Hijack starring Idris Elba on Thursday. Created by George Kay (Lupin) and Jim Field Smith (Criminal) and executive produced by Elba himself, the seven-part miniseries follows the crew and passengers aboard a London-bound flight that is hijacked by a terrorist cell. If somehow you’ve ever wondered what would it be like if 24 and Taken had a baby on a plane, you now have your answer.

Told in real-time, the series splits its focus between the perspectives of several passengers aboard the flight in question and a team of counter-terrorism specialists and negotiators working to intercept the plane and safely rescue the hostages. With only seven hours until the flight runs out of fuel, both the passengers and the investigators on the ground will have to think fast if they want to save everyone on board.

Hijack features two protagonists; Sam Nelson (Elba), a no-nonsense business negotiator with a knack for improvising himself out of tight situations, and Zahra Gahfoor (Snowpiercer’s Archie Panjgabi), a counter-terrorist officer leading the investigation into the hijacking. Elba and Panjgabi are joined by a supporting cast including Christine Adams (Black Lightning), Max Beesley (Bodies), Eve Myles (Torchwood), Neil Maskell (Small Axe), Jasper Britton (The New World), Harry Michell (Yesterday), Aimée Kelly (Wolfblood), Mohamed Elsandel (Hireth) and Ben Miles (Andor).

Hijack premieres on Apple TV Plus on June 28.

This post was originally published on Polygon

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