Allison Williams Reacts to Drew Barrymore’s M3GAN Transformation

Introducing DR3W.

In honor of her interview with M3GAN star Allison Williams, Drew Barrymore surprised fans with an epic transformation into the film’s titular killer doll. A preview for the Jan. 25 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show showed that the host not only donned the doll’s signature dress, eye contacts and wavy blond hair, she came fully ready to play.

“The No. 1 rule if you are a true M3GAN is: can you run on all fours?” Allison asks Drew, who replies in her best voice impression of the doll, “Well, I don’t know, you programmed me, but let’s see if I can.”

Drew then immediately started crawling towards the camera, earning the Get Out star’s stamp of approval, with her remarking, “You’re perfect. You’re a natural.”

This post was originally published on E! Online

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