Alan Dershowitz Says He’s Suing Michael Cohen Over Epstein Claims


Passionate defender of former President Donald Trump and famed attorney Alan Dershowitz threatened former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen with a defamation lawsuit on Thursday night after Cohen referenced Dershowitz’s relationship with deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Appearing on Fox News host and longtime Trump confidant Sean Hannity’s show Thursday evening, Dershowitz was ostensibly tapped to discuss the criminal indictments against Trump which center on the ex-president’s hush money scheme to silence a porn star during his successful 2016 presidential campaign.

Instead, Dershowitz decided to use his Fox News platform to announce that he was suing Cohen for accusing him of taking part in Epstein’s alleged crimes.

After claiming the New York prosecutor “deliberately violated the statute of limitations” with its Trump indictments, Dershowitz then claimed the prosecutor’s office had additional problems by relying on Cohen’s testimony due to the ex-Trump lawyer’s credibility issues. Then the Harvard law professor personally laid into Cohen.

“Let me tell you something about Michael Cohen!” Dershowitz exclaimed. “He’s not through with his problems. He just tweeted about me—saying because I had attacked his credibility that I was involved with underage girls on Epstein’s Island—I’m about to sue him now for defamation.”

He continued: “As you know, the woman who falsely accused me acknowledged that she may have made a mistake in misidentifying me. Now I would normally not sue someone for writing that kind of nonsense but this is Michael Cohen, who is about to prevent Donald Trump from running for president of the United States, and I’m going to sue him for defamation!”

Dershowitz went on to say that his lawsuit against Cohen will prove the former Trump attorney’s “repeated lies” because Cohen will be unable to refuse to testify in a civil case.

“His problems are just beginning. I will make it easier for Joe Tacopina to cross-examine him,” Dershowtiz concluded, invoking Trump’s current defense attorney.

Earlier on Thursday, Cohen—who was sentenced to three years in prison over his role in the illegal hush-money scheme—accused Dershowitz of taking part in Epstein’s alleged sexual assaults.

“Says the guy who spent time with Jeffrey Epstein on Underage Sex Island. @AlanDersh, like Rudy Colludy,⁩ has become a complete joke representing a bigger joke,” Cohen tweeted, linking to a Newsmax segment featuring Dershowitz criticizing the ex-Trump attorney.

A victim of Epstein, who purportedly committed suicide while awaiting trial over allegations of sexual abuse of minors, settled a lawsuit against Dershowitz last November over claims the Harvard professor sexually assaulted her. In a statement, Virginia Giuffre said she “may have made a mistake in identifying Mr. Dershowitz” as one of her abusers.

Shortly after the suit was settled, though, Giuffre said that Dershowitz was not “exonerated,” regardless of his claims otherwise.

“Whether or not Mr. Dershowitz’s admissions undermine his previous denials of the charges made against him is for others to say,” she asserted. “The settlement agreement limits what I can say and I will abide by it unless and until I am released from it. However, those admissions are not consistent with ‘exoneration.’”

Giuffre added: “Stopping the false charges against me, and securing Mr. Dershowitz’s public acknowledgment of my good faith was important to me and my family. However, I did not, and would never, ‘exonerate’ Mr. Dershowitz in return.”

Additionally, another Epstein victim insisted in a 2017 deposition that the multimillionaire sex trafficker forced her to take part in a threesome with Dershowitz—an allegation that the celebrated attorney has adamantly denied.

This post was originally published on Daily Beast

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