A Swiftie in Brazil just scored the single most exclusive piece of Eras Tour merch

  • Taylor Swift’s Louboutin boots broke during the second night of the Eras Tour concert in Rio de Janeiro.
  • And it seems like one lucky Swiftie managed to snag the broken heel that the singer tossed across the stage.
  • The incident and its aftermath were caught on camera by fans, who are now circulating the footage on X.


Forget concert T-shirts and friendship bracelets — it seems like one lucky Swiftie managed to snag the most exclusive piece of Eras Tour merch possible, and it’s none other than Taylor Swift’s very own broken Louboutin heel.

The singer, while performing the second night of her concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, experienced a wardrobe malfunction on stage when the bejeweled heel on one of her custom Louboutin boots accidentally came off.

For reference, Louboutin boots cost upwards of $1,195 on the brand’s website. French fashion designer Christian Louboutin is best known for stiletto footwear.

A $5,995 pair of sparkly, silver suede boots — that would look right at home in Swift’s Eras Tour concert wardrobe — is the most expensive pair of boots listed on the site at the moment.


It’s unclear exactly how Swift’s shoe broke, although photos and videos circulating on X — formerly known as Twitter — give a glimpse at how the incident unfolded and its aftermath.

A video, viewed over 60,000 times since it was uploaded onto X a few hours ago, showed the singer fumbling with her footwear onstage during a brief pause in the show.

In the 34-second clip, Swift can be seen beaming at the crowd when she suddenly crouches down to adjust her boot, before appearing to toss something across the stage.

In another video clip, also uploaded onto X, the 33-year-old can be seen doing an introduction to her concert while tiptoeing on one foot due to the missing heel.


Another photo of Swift, also posted onto X, even showed the red sole of her Louboutins boots completely missing on one side.

And where did the missing heel go?

It appears that a Swiftie who was at the concert managed to bring it home, according to this photo circulating among the singer’s fan accounts on X.

Somewhere in Rio de Janeiro, a fan with silver nails has Swift’s broken heel stowed away in a checkered mini-bag. A one-of-a-kind Eras Tour memorabilia indeed.

Business Insider is unable to independently verify the identity of the fan and if the heel in the image is indeed from Swift’s Louboutin boots at the concert.

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