9 moments in ‘Swarm’ that were definitely based on Beyoncé’s life and career, from ‘killer bee’ fans to a family elevator fight

In the third episode, viewers see elevator footage of a fight between Ni’Jah, her sister, and her husband.


An image of a tweet from fictional user Alice Dudley, showing footage of a fight in an elevator between Ni’Jah, her sister, and Caché on “Swarm.”

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The argument between Jay-Z, Solange, and Beyoncé after the 2014 Met Gala was infamously captured on elevator security camera footage and later became fodder for social media users. Shortly thereafter, the family put out a statement announcing that Solange and Jay-Z had made up and that they were working through issues together. 

On “Swarm,” a similar fight occurs between Ni’Jah, her sister, and Caché, although the full context isn’t explored in-depth on the show. 

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