3 people injured in Des Moines school shooting, police say



Two students are dead and one school employee is in serious condition after a shooting incident at a “charter school” in Des Moines, Iowa, according to the City of Des Moines Police Department.

At 12:53 p.m., Police and fire personnel responded to a report of a shooting at 455 SW 5th Street, which houses Starts Right Here, a charter school, police said in a news release.

Des Moines police on the scene of a shooting.

They found the injured people, who were taken to hospitals. The ages of the victims and the suspects were not released.

“Approximately twenty minutes after the shooting incident, and two miles away, Des Moines Police Department patrol officers and detectives took multiple suspects into custody following a traffic stop,” the release read.

“The incident was definitely targeted,” police Sgt Paul Parizek said during a news conference. “It was not random. There’s nothing random about this. It was certainly a targeted incident. But as far as getting motive, that is something that we are going to try and figure out.”

Police did not identify the suspects or say if they had been charged.

This post was originally published on CNN

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