25 Haircut Buzzwords to Know Before Seeing Your Stylist


Layering is a cutting technique where the hair is cut into many different lengths. If you want something more subtle, hairstylists often add “invisible” layers to create the illusion of more volume for hair that is long and flat. It can also be used to remove bulkiness in thick, curly hair. Layers are a popular way to achieve the tousled, shaggy style.

The length of your layers depends on your face shape, hair type, and length. “If your hair is down to your chin and you want long layers, it’s going to be just an inch above the length,” says Dhiran. “Whereas if you had hair down to your stomach and you want long layers, even if it was layered up to your breasts, it’s still going to be considered long layers.”

This post was originally published on PopSugar

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