10 revelations about Tina Turner’s life from her 2021 documentary

Tina tried to end her life using sleeping pills.

American music duo Ike Turner (1931-2007) and Tina Turner of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue perform on stage during recording of the Associated Rediffusion Television pop music television show Ready Steady Go! at Wembley Television Studios in London on 30th September 1966.


Ike & Tina Turner perform in 1966.

Getty/Ivan Keeman

The documentary recounts the unraveling of Tina and Ike’s relationship as they tried to create a hit record. Tina said that Ike began taking drugs and physically abusing her more frequently. He also would become angry more quickly.

In the doc, Tina described a time when she got a prescription for sleeping pills from her doctor and almost died after swallowing the whole bottle.

“I felt [like], this is it, no more,” Tina said. “I did not make it to the stage. I remember being in the car and him sticking his fingers down my throat, trying to make me throw up, and finally I went unconscious.”

“I was insanely afraid of that man,” she said of Ike.

The documentary then aired an interview Ike did in 2000, in which he gave his point of view on Tina’s attempted suicides.

“At first, Tina attempted suicide two or three times, I think that this was some form of attention,” Ike said. “She was unhappy about the things that I was doing. Me being a womanizer, being with all these women. And I think that the real truth is she was trying to be something that she wasn’t.”

He added: “She was trying to be what she thought I wanted, not what she really was. She was trying to please me and so therefore she was going through a lot of hurt. And I think she had a very unhappy life because of that.”

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